At MFR Semitech, we focus on Design for Manufacturability & Reliability, Product Materials, and Assembly Process of System-in-Package (SiP) solutions


The key to a successful System-in-Package (SiP) product is the intersection of design,materials, and assembly


Key to Success


Design for Manufacturability

We specialize in designing the products using manufacturer specified design rules and constraints at the substrate and package level based on equipment capabilities. The goal is to design a product that is easily and economically manufactured. The importance of designing for manufacturing is underlined by the fact that about 70% of manufacturing costs of a product (cost of materials, processing, and assembly) are determined by design, so we strive to do it right the first time.

Design for Reliability

Reliability must be designed into products and processes using the best available science-based methods and Reliability practices must begin early in the design process and must be well integrated into the overall product development cycle.  We encourage our clients to commit resources for deploying a DFR process mainly for warranty costs and customer satisfaction. Field failures are very costly.

At MFR Semitech, we possess comprehensive knowledge in designing the products, keeping the end use in mind, to ensure product passes the needed reliability testing including Pre-conditioning (MSL), Temperature Cycle & Shock,  Biased Humidly Tests including BHAST & THB, Solderability, Shock & Vibration.  Understanding when, what, and where to use the wide variety of reliability engineering tools available will help to achieve the reliability mission of our clients.

Packaging Materials

Performance and Reliability have a first order relationship with the materials used in the manufacturing of the product.  Material choices directly effect the electrical, physical, thermal, mechanical performance of the product. Additionally, the ability to meet environmental compliance regulations for Lead-free and RoHS are directly related to the material used during the manufacturing process.

Our experts bring extensive experience working with various substrates such as laminates, ceramic, metals, high temperature solders, epoxies, underfills, encapsulants, and silicones to ensure performance, robustness and environmental compliance. 

Assembly Process

Creating the right manufacturing process flow is critical in ensuring not only the product performance and reliability, but also making sure the end product is cost effective.  Working directly with material vendors as well as the assembly houses, our team will provide expertise in lean principles to develop the end-to-end manufacturing process including substrate manufacturing, SMD attach, die attach, flipchip, underfill dispense, encapsulation, transfer molding, singulation (sawing), and I/O attach.

Failure analysis

Since no product is 100% reliable 100% of the time, it is important to understand the physics of failure and target the root cause of the failure.  Whether the failures are design, material, or assembly related, our highly proficient engineers use tackle root cause analysis by employing Six Sigma methodologies.  Using the DMAIC approach and tools such as Fishbone (Ishikawa) diagrams, 8D, 5Why, etc, we find feasible & practical solutions to the yield impacting failure modes.

Environmental regulations

We bring detailed knowledge of the Leadfree, RoHS, and REACH regulations to ensure products comply with the various restrictions on banned/controlled chemicals to ensure products are manufactured in compliance to the regulations of the intended markets.

Project Management

From defining the scope to providing the deliverables, we bring over a decade of inception-to-obsoletion project management experience of SiP products. Covering all aspects, including defining the project plan with work breakdown structure, creating project schedules & budgets, ensuring efficient resource management, identifying & mitigating risk, defining quality requirements, working with vendors & CMs, and documenting & presenting project results to the Stakeholders - we provide the complete project managements essentials to our customers.

Our Specialties

  • Multichip Module/System in Package (SiP) package design/layout guidelines

  • High temperature, Leadfree, RoHS material selection and process development

  • Laminate, metal, and ceramic substrate development

  • SiP manufacturing process development including SMD attach, Flipchip/Copper pillar, Die attach, chip & wire, underfill, overmolding, and singulation.

  • Environmental qualification & reliability test selection

  • Failure analysis with physics of failure

  • Design of Experiments

  • Project Management with cross functional/cultural leadership